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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 22, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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our facebook page is getting all kinds of comments and commentary from the show. "special report" is up next. ♪ >> bret: senate republicans unveiled their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the measure may already be on life support. this is "special report" ." ♪ >> good evening, i am john roberts and for bret baier tonight. we are getting our first look at the long-awaited health care reform plan from senate republicans. according to many on both sides of the aisle, the prognosis is not good. democrats are against the bill, that's a given but republicans have erased their same margin of error and there are many indications to scaffold the measure.
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good evening, mike. >> republican leadership expected opposition from democrats but are now facing it from four of their own. president trump sounds ready to deal. >> obamacare is a disaster. it is dead. totally dead. we are putting in a plan today that's going to be negotiated. we looked at some democrats for support but they are obstructionists. we hopefully will get something done and it will be something with heart. >> the plan to scrap obamacare and replace it with what g.o.p. leaders is saying it's a better system was released today. some key differences are on tax credits to help people buy coverage. in the house, they are based on age. in the senate, tax credits are based on age and income. three different conditions. premiums can be increased by
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pre-existing conditions. premiums cannot be -- -- medicaid cuts, the house sts block grants based on per capita spending. it would grow more slowly after "20/20" five. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made the republicans case. >> democrats would say it's wrong for the senate to actually address these problems in a serious way. the law they've defended for seven years, peters, literally teeters on the edge of total collapse. >> marco senators came out against it in its current form, enough to kill the bill. >> we are open to negotiation. we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we are afraid when we read the bill, it will look like of
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reiteration or keeping of obamacare. >> the way to get to yes is fix the underlying problems. lower premiums. and i will happily be part of i it. >> civil rights protesters went around the hill today and protested medicaid spending, saying it could be life and death for the disabled. democrats quickly attacked the package. >> it's every bit as bad as the house bill. in some ways, it's even worse. the senate bill needed heart, that's what the president said. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. >> the speech you just heard was about a bill that he has not seen. >> 142 pages thus far of this supposed bill have been printed on mine. that's what i have used. >> the tension on the senate floor over health care didn't end there. >> what's being talked about here is like having a hole
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ripped out of your house instead of patching it, they would want to burn down the house. would we are not willing to participate in is burning down the house. >> i would suggest to the senator from michigan that it's the democrats under obamacare at that burn down the house. the individual market for health care has been decimated. decimated. >> the congressional budget office says it should have a price and impact for this bill by early next week. senate g.o.p. leadership has set a goal to vote before the fourth of july holiday. they say there is ample time to read and discuss it. john. >> john: i don't know if it's outside or inside -- >> lots of tension on both sides of the aisle. even within the republican ranks. >> john: president trump answered a question that has been hanging out there for 41 days. announcing he did not make any recordings of his conversations with james comey.
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the president had teased there might be some tapes after disputing comey's account that he wanted a loyalty pledge. kevin is at the white house tonight. >> hey there, john. as is often the case, the president and twitter have created really controversy but he went back to social media to try to answer the burning question, previously suggesting he may have recorded his conversations with the former fbi director. >> i think the president's statement via twitter today is extremely clear. i don't have anything to add beyond the statement. >> the president's statement came in the form of two tweets. mr. trump writing... the notion that the president might have taped conversations
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first arose three days after he fired a comey, he tweeted... because of that warning, comey did in fact leak details of his recollection of conversations with mr. trump to a columbia university professor. we shared them with the press. comey later told senate lawmakers that. adam schiff said the tweets today raised even more questions. writing in a statement, have the president had no tape, why did he suggest otherwise? was he trying to intimidate or silence james comey? if so, did he take other steps to discourage potential witnesses from speaking out? the no tape tweets came hours after the president was in a rally in iowa. to promote his administration's agenda and the two republican
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victories in the special election. monetizing the portable with solar panels was a topic you discussed. >> lots of sun. lots of heat. we are thinking about building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy. and pays for itself. >> the president also said he would ask congress to limit access to welfare programs for new immigrants u.s. for a period of time. >> those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. >> the president also raised a few eyebrows and what appeared to be a bit of an off the script moment, lauding the success and sacrifice wilbur ross and carrie cohen, mr. trump talked about
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why it was a good idea to hire multimillionaires for those jobs. >> i love all people. rich or poor. in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person, does that make sense? >> it should be a pretty fun night at the white house, the congressional picnic. tomorrow is a very big day. mr. trump expected to the sign the accountability act. it will provide more protections for inside whistleblowers. john, back to you. >> john: kevin, thank you so much. unusual if not sincere show of support for increasingly embattled house minority leader nancy pelosi. president trump says he hopes she sticks around. there may not be a lot of company among democrats after the georgia special election defeat. pelosi talked about all of it. here is peter doocy. >> democrats are getting desperate for a win.
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going zero in 2017. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is a great leader. but her time has come and gone. yes, she's a great fundraiser but if the money we are raising through her leadership is not helping us win elections, we have to have this difficult conversation now. >> if the conversation isn't now, some democrats fear they will be doomed in the upcoming midterms. >> we are going to regain the majority in 2018, we have to have new leadership. >> the 77-year-old democratic leader was defiant, calling out critics in her ranks. >> when it comes to having fun on tv, have your fun. i love the arena. i thrive on competition. >> these days, that support may be strongest among embers of the
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other party. >> i had a member of congress tell me please tell me you are not going to get rid of nancy pelosi. please tell me she's not going to retire. that's who i run against. >> running against pelosi was part of the winning strategy in georgia special election on tuesday. >> we already have nancy pelosi is our congresswoman. you are going to give us john allsop is our congressman. it's because she may remain a centerpiece for as long as she is in power. president trump tweeted... one of pelosi's predecessors says she could be valuable to republicans for the rest of her tenure as the highest ranking democrat in congress. >> we would love to have the question in 2018, nancy pelosi versus paul ryan. i hope the democrats keep her right where she is for a long, long time. at least a decade.
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>> the democrats have lost more than 1,000 offices to since 20. things would be different if there was an obvious successor. but there is not. john. >> john: thank you for that, peter. these are record-setting times in mexico. not in a good way. the country's internal fight over the illegal drug trade has led to huge increase in bloodshed. william la jeunesse looks at the numbers and what they mean. >> elected in 2012, president and wreak a pain in promised to bring peace to mexico. instead, violence is worse than ever. it's the second deadliest country in the world, after only syria, according to the international studies -- >> most of the heroin, fentanyl,
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and drugs that kill our citizen citizens, came to america through the poorest southern border. all of this coming from mexico. >> america's drug epidemic and the violence helped mexico record a record. 2186 homicides in may. 30% more than last year. the highest in 20 years. >> most violent cases are gangs fighting each other over turf. or trying to edge out another gain, civilians getting caught in the crossfire. >> held teaneck el chapo, violee worst in guerrero, where cartels can turn an acre of poppies into a $1 million of heroin. the pod capital ranked second with almost 200 homicides in may. the biggest jump in killings,
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almost 400%? occurred in baja, california, fighting for the lucrative drug route into california. >> because of this important relationship, it's watching america's back. >> the military remains committed but the drug war is no fueling extortion and kidnapping and spilling into resort places like kabul and cancun. >> john: the fbi has arrested a man in the bronx. trying to travel to syria to join isis. the u.s. attorney's office says he had already helped another man make that trip. he told an undercover investigator he had been in contact with other isis supporters and no longer felt comfortable in the united states. the fbi says the man that stabbed an airport police officer in michigan acted alone. chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge has the latest on the case. what it says about the tactics
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of terror. >> federal investigators released a new photo of the suspect, ftouhi, the former canadian tried to purchase a firearm days before the attack at the bishop international airport. >> we have information that ftouhi attempted to buy a gun and was unsuccessful in that attempt. >> now charged with violence at an international airport after stabbing jeff level, investigators say charges may be added after searching his car and scouring his electronics. >> he is probably self radicalized. was doing this in retaliation. >> mike mccallum was briefed on the attack and says ftouhi was not on any watch list and may have crossed into new york state using homeland security's trusted traveler program. it provides expedited service for low risk individuals. >> i talked with individuals. obviously, if he was, that
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exposes a vulnerability in our program that we have to tighten up. >> i'm not going to speak to that. >> the nation's counterterrorism chief said this is a broader pattern. >> attacks that are not particularly complex, large-scale, they are not particularly sophisticated and yet they can do enormous harm. >> unknown terrorist suspect rammed a van and at the brussels train station, a spike in violence during islam's holy month. >> we haven't gotten out of the season of ramadan just yet. we are concerned and at the homeland security officials are concerned about what could happen between now and saturday. >> the total volume of activity is at peak levels with a
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significant number after the targeted killing of three isis jihadist last month we were responsible for planning attacks in the west as well as the isis drone program in iraq. >> john: employees being charged with transmitting top-secret documents to a chinese agent. kevin mallory of virginia is an army veteran who worked with various federal agencies and defense contractors. he is a self-employed consultant. he traveled to china earlier this year and received $25,000 from individuals he thought were chinese operatives. their increasing indications indications tonight that north korea is preparing for another nuclear weapons test. the communist regime is also doing its best to provoke president trump, who was already signaling his patients with the hermit kingdom is beginning to run out. senior foreign affairs correspondent tells us why things stand right now. >> reports of more trouble
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brewing in north korea. telling fox news the regime has tested a rocket engine which could be used on a future intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. sources also tell fox there's been a buildup of vehicles and personnel on north korea's nuclear testing site. at least one report says a blast could come as soon as the next few days. >> i am pretty sure that north korea would be ready to do test a nuclear weapon almost whenever they make a political decision to do so. >> this amid other accounts that north korea might also be willing to at least temporarily suspend its missile and nuclear tests, if u.s. were to halt its military exercises with south korea. that has been a nonstarter with the u.s. south korea's president said urgency is needed. >> judging from the speed of north korea's advancements in nuclear and missile technology is, i believe they will acquire such capabilities in the near
3:18 pm
future. >> the brutality of north korea, with a funeral and burial of otto warmbier. he died monday after being released from north korea in an unresponsive state. he had been held for 17 months by the pyongyang regime. >> he went over there a healthy, wonderful boy. and you see how he came back. you see how he came back. so we have been given a bad hand. we are going to take that bad hand and it will all be good. >> congress is concerned as well. two house members introduced a bill that would ban taurus traveled by americans to north korea. and other ways that regime would generate hard currency. >> people are enticed to coming to north korea and visit north korea. we've got to put an end to that. >> there's no end to the rhetoric coming from north kore
3:19 pm
north korea. the media there saying that president trump is a psychopath. claiming that he's the one they could start a nuclear war. some claim. john. >> john: thank you. as greg reported, otto warmbier was laid to rest today. about 2,000 people were in the cincinnati high school to pay respects to the 22-year-old. among them, congressman rob portman. he called otto warmbier an amazing young man. he was jailed 17 months ago for taking a poster from a hotel. he was severely beaten while in captivity. doctors say there is no evidence to back up north korea's claim that he fell into a coma. because of food poisoning. up next, the u.s. considers is sending more troops to afghanistan, a deadly suicide car bombing kills thousands of people. and what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight, fox five in san diego, crews work and rugged terrain doing a
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punishing heat wave. a wild fire has burned nearly 2.5 miles in the sammartino mountains. fox 13 in salt lake city, police say the owner of an i.d. hello farmhouse a badly decomposed body and three slain women were discovered, it may be in utah. authorities say 60-year-old jared michael bullinger should be considered armed and dangerous. this is a live look at dallas from fox four. the big story there, more trouble for an ex-cop, already accused of murder. aggravated assault charges, against former police officer roy oliver, related to an april traffic accident that that happened while he was off duty. he was charged with murder after the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy while he was a passenger in a car. i'm sorry, i misspoke.
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>> john: tropical storm cindy has been downgraded and weakening as a heads inland. heavy rain hit much of the deep south. flash flooding remains a major concern. remnants of the storm are forecasting to move towards arkansas. it's being blamed for one death, a 10-year-old boy who was killed in an alabama beach when he was struck by a log that washed ashore. the latest effort to test the best defense against a possible north korean missile attack has failed. at the pentagon says its interceptor fired from a navy ship failed to hit a medium
3:25 pm
range ballistic missile that was launched from a test range in hawaii. defense officials are not saying what went wrong. the pentagon says it killed a top al qaeda leader and two of its associates in yemen last week. their new questions tonight about the u.s. strategy following another suicide bombing in afghanistan and the destruction of a religious site in iraq. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest tonight. >> the self-proclaimed islamic state blew up the great mosque in mosul. it is an iconic landmark where they pronounced the start of the caliphate in july 2014. iraq's second-largest city was overrun by isis militants. it gleamed like italy's tower of pisa, it had stood for more than
3:26 pm
840 years. >> isis blew it up. a mosque which sat there since the 12th century. >> iraq's prime minister tweeted the act of destruction showed isis is on the verge of defeat in mosul. today in afghanistan, at least 29 people were killed and 16 wounded in a suicide car bombing that targeted afghan troops and government workers who were lined up outside a bank. the taliban released a new video of two university professors kidnapped from the american university in kabul last august. in the video, kevin king, a 60-year-old american, appealed to president trump, have mercy on me and get me out. don't send any commandos. u.s. navy seals attempted to rescue but when they arrived, the two hostages had been moved. defense secretary jim mattis is deciding whether to send up to 5,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. many would be marines.
3:27 pm
>> mattis talked about u.s. forces in afghanistan, that will be in a broader strategist review. >> john mccain has expressed frustration in the delay. after 16 years of war. >> we are losing in afghanistan. we just had three americans killed in the last couple of days. this is not an academic exercise. >> secretary mattis, the rising number of insider attacks by afghan troops turning on their american partners is alarming. mattis said he will present a strategy in mid-july. john. >> john: thank you. some republicans are urging trump to spend a lot more on national defense. one of those people is liz indicating. she and her father, the former vice president are going public with their case. bret baier talks with liz cheney
3:28 pm
tonight. >> she is dean of the wyoming delegation. there is only one representative. >> is an honor to be here. my first national interview. >> you wrote an op-ed with vice president dick cheney in which he warned about defense spending. you write... america today faces an array of threats, more serious, more complex than the past 75 years. president obama and his policies are largely to blame. >> you get into a situation where people are just talking numbers. we felt it was really important, this isn't about if you're going to have plus up defense. why do we need to do more and why do we need to do more over the coming years? why do we need to do things --
3:29 pm
america's adversaries have really used the last eight years to build up their own defenses. like the russians and the chinese. really targeting our capabilities. as a congress, at the people, we got to look at this and say what is it going to take to begin to rebuild our military and undo the damage? >> president trump's budget, it was submitted to congress. you are saying the 3% increase is nowhere near good enough. >> not even sufficient. the senate, armed services committee, mccain, they have both worked very diligently over the course of the last year to look at what's really necessary this year. to begin to get us out of the hole we are in. that number is 640 billion in the defense budget. we had secretary testified before us last week and what is clear is -- it's a number
3:30 pm
that doesn't begin to get us back on the path. the budget itself has significant cuts in places that are very concerning. they cut (100)000-0000 out of the naval operations, they cut 300 million out of missile defense. when the north koreans are very threatening and making alarming progress, the last thing we need to do is cut up defense. we really need to do more. more based on what we need to purchase. >> you mentioned secretary mattis testifying. what about the budget control act? >> i retired from military service after sequestration took effect. i returned to the department and had been shocked by what i've seen about our readiness to fight. while nothing can compare to the heart ache caused by the loss of our troops during these wars, no
3:31 pm
enemy in the field has done more to harm the combat readiness of our military and sequestration. >> he is absolutely right. congress but the budget control act and sequestration as part of that into place back in 2011. >> republicans and democrats. >> absolutely. it was an effort to basically put together a list of cuts that would be so draconian that it would force members to come to agreements. in an effort to cut spending and cut the size of the debt, unfortunately, it has failed at those things. instead, it has really strangled the military. partly that's because sequestration doesn't allow the military to say what are the threats and what are they to meet them? you have to cut arbitrarily 50% across the board. >> mick mulvaney, the budget director, they make the argument that the money has to come from somewhere. it can't all come from
3:32 pm
nondefense. what about that argument? where are you going to find the dollars? >> my perspective is there's nothing we do as a government, nothing we do as a congress that is more important than the defense of the nation. if our most sacred -- we have to consider it first before we consider anything else. we can't be in a situation where months from now coming years from now, god forbid we are attacked and our response is we couldn't build missile defense because we weren't willing to do what we needed to do on the domestic side. we've got to be in a situation where this is the most important thing we do. look, i believe we've got to get control of our spending and deficits. none of the major things we are doing up on the hill, talking about health care reform or balanced-budget none of those things will matter if we don't get the resources for the military. we have to look at it as a different kind of thing. >> congresswoman cheney. thank you for coming in.
3:33 pm
john, back to you. >> john: bret, thank you. a california court has dismissed most of the charges against journalists who recorded undercover conversations about planned parenthood. 14 of 15 criminal counts were dismissed for being legally insufficient. the two are still facing one count of conspiracy to invade privacy. there is another mixed day on wall street. the s&p was off one and the nasdaq was up nearly three points. the senate health care bill, is it already dead on arrival? we will ask the panel. elite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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>> obamacare is a disaster. it is dead. totally dead. we are putting in a plan today that's going to be negotiated.
3:37 pm
>> john: the president said the senate bill needed hard. >> it is heartless. >> nothing is going to change the fact that more americans are going to get hurt, unless we do something. >> i want to get to gas. it's not enough just to pass a bill that has obamacare repeal in the title. we have to have the legislation that sticks at the underlying problem. >> john: the debate going on in the senate over the new health care bill, the framework was announced. will this thing go anywhere? ab stoddard, mollie hemingway, and jonah jonah goldberg. you have a 50-48 split. you know, we are not too with this thing, that's what they're saying.
3:38 pm
>> mitch mcconnell knew exactly what was going to happen the minute this was released. he is not surprised. i do believe ted cruz really wants to get to yes. there can be some more wrangling but that could threaten the support of moderates on the other side of the republican conference. either way, they've decided internally that they need to get this back. people bring it to the floor. they can bring it down to one or two people, stopping the fulfillment of a seven-year promise. they've lost too much time and too much momentum. there are strong indications that they are going to get this through the senate and if they can, pass the over to the house and get this possibly before the july 4th holiday. they are in a huge rush and it's intentional. >> john: the other three senators, rob johnson, mike lee,
3:39 pm
and rand paul. let's listen to what rand paul said about it earlier. >> we cannot support the current bill. we are open to negotiation but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we are afraid that when we read the bill, it actually looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. >> john: it looks like the senate was trying to leave in place a lot of the provisions or some of the provisions of obamacare. particularly on subsidies, pre-existing conditions. can they win over people like rand paul? ted cruz said he's open for discussion. >> it's hard for me to see how they went over rand paul. he says the senate version took out two or so of the regulations he wanted out. he says some where between 2-12, there's account do not compromise. chuck schumer and all the democrats insist this is a total
3:40 pm
outrage for obamacare and conservatives much more rightly say no, this is actually scaling back of some of the medicaid stuff. for the most part, this leaves the structure of obamacare in place. it really is obamacare lite. mitch mcconnell basically just dropped this thing like it was roadkill. and it said it is your problem now. you figure out what you want to do with it. he said, my work is done. and walked away. i think that tells you something. he setting it up for negotiatio negotiation. his heart is clearly not in it. >> john: mollie hemingway, he believes rand paul is not going to come on board this but if yoe the political calculation of i hold my nose and vote for this to negotiate up and get something a little better, or do you vote against it, it fails
3:41 pm
and you are stuck with obamacare? >> it's an imperfect bill that comes out as an imperfect process. when you think about what the option really is, you have a bill that gets rid of the individual mandate, the employer mandate. that phases out medicaid expansion. it builds a case for getting rid of obamacare structurally over the long term. if your option is that or nothing, that's actually not the worst option that you have. at the same time, it's a bill that does more for the moderates. it does phase the things out a little more gently. mitch mcconnell picks the most conservative, politically plausible position. that's what this bill might be. >> john: i think it's an improvement over obamacare but i think mitch mcconnell's goal here is to check the box, hopefully we can kick this over back to the house. it's not our problem. it will die over there. he's not investing as passionately.
3:42 pm
>> john: the president was in cedar rapids and said he doesn't expect to get any democratic support on this. calling them obstructionists. it certainly didn't look like he will get democratic support, here is senator patty murray. >> based on what we are now learning, the plan is every bit as bad as what the house the past. it is mean, to quote president trump, meaner. heartless. and it is in a norm and orma's broken promise to people across the country. >> john: chris murphy from connecticut wrote... it will ruin millions of lives. doesn't sound like -- >> it mirrors the hospital enough. it's very unpopular. the real fear among republicans is that they have a very narrow
3:43 pm
procedural trick they are going to use, the problem is, they are afraid that president trump is going to take in the criticism and have one of his reactions and call it mean again. and heartless. that's a real risk, for them putting it all on the line. he's playing nice and quiet for now. he always likes to say that is not over yet. there's a real concern among republicans. they stuck their nine back neck on the line for this. the president might turn on them. >> john: there are a lot of republicans who do like this. she thinks it addresses one of the biggest influencing factors on the house bill, when jimmy kimmel came out and told the story of his brand-new baby and the heart condition saying we all need to have coverage for pre-existing conditions. here is what jim cassidy says.
3:44 pm
>> a child is terminally ill or, they would both have coverage but also would keep coverage affordable. >> john: in the public perception, would it pass the test? >> will be talked about health insurance, people are very good at telling heartbreaking stories about one side of the equation. in the media is really bad about telling the other side of the equation. a lot of people have suffered under obamacare. some people have been helped by it. some people have had their premiums go to where they can't afford insurance for their families. they have been penalized with these fines and taxes. they are all sorts of stories that should be told. we should be thinking about -- i read something today were the mom was saying half of all babies are born on medicaid. that's an assumption that that's a good thing. is that a good thing or should be thinking more about how to
3:45 pm
lower health care costs so people can pay for their own health insurance? >> john: you mentioned mitch mcconnell dropped this thing. we just heard the president weigh in on this a second ago. she to mike he wrote... >> the power of mitch mcconnell has arraigned him in in. >> john: i think the president is watching this tonight. good evening, mr. president. as the house democratic leader in trouble? the president says, "i hope not."
3:46 pm
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>> i feel very confident, i respect any opinion that claimant my
3:49 pm
members have. >> john: do you think nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump? >> the honest answer is, and some of the country, she is. like in the special election districts, it doesn't benefit our candidates to be tied to her. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she's a great leader. but her time has come and gone. yes, she's a great fundraiser but if the money we are racing through her leadership is not helping us win elections, we have to have this difficult conversation now. >> john: after the democrats go 0 for 4 and special elections, a lot of talk was on nancy pelosi. can she continue as a democrat minority leader? what do you think? we were up late last night. >> the thing is, there's a lot of anxiety, with donald trump
3:50 pm
and all that, nancy pelosi's problem -- she is literally a san francisco democrat. she has presided over great trouble for the democratic party and people have lots of debates about what the g.o.p. is. g.o.p. as a party is more popular than the face of the democratic party, as represented by nancy pelosi. we saw that in the race in georgia. and at the democratic party has sort of bought itself into this idea that it can cater purely to the salon magazine reading base, a couple hundred college professors. and having rhetoric. and come out a winner and that doesn't work and a lot of districts that they need to win. >> john: we don't need a be to encourage president trump to respond to this. he said...
3:51 pm
clearly, the president thinks that her continued tenure as minority leader placed of the republican senate. >> all republicans think that. they are openly begging for her to stay. she needs to go. i wrote that back in the fall. the democrats had their chance in november and they blew it. they do not support tim ryan of ohio. they supported nancy pelosi and they are stuck with her. and she knows it. she was mortified in her tone today. she used to say that stuff behind closed doors. if you are stuck with me. it's the middle of the cycle. definitely favors the democrats and not the republicans. if the races held tomorrow tomorrow, the house is definitely -- it doesn't mean they are going to win districts like georgia sixth but she's going to hang on. she didn't get out in november and they lost their chance. >> john: do think they lost their chance, mollie? >> i think it's kind of unfair that she's getting blamed, she's
3:52 pm
a san francisco liberal, that's a problem. the party itself has a lot of values -- out of the mainstream. support for unlimited immigration without thinking through the effects of that, abortion all the way up to nine months of pregnancy, changing laws about religion minorities and christians. these are things that are identified with the democratic party and not just nancy pelosi. it's a bigger messaging problem they have to deal with if they want to capture middle-of-the-road american voters. >> john: the big news coming out of the white house was president trump acknowledging there were no tapes of his conversation with james comey. with all of the recently reported surveillance, i am asking an illegal leaking of this information -- i don't know if there tapes or recordings of my conversation with james comey. i did not make and do not have any recordings. adam schiff, he said if the president had no tapes, why did he suggest otherwise?
3:53 pm
was he trying to intimidate? or discourage potential witnesses from speaking out? he has created another controversy and jonah, that tweet precipitated the appointment of the special counsel. that was a fairly costly tweet for the president. >> it was. it was a bad idea. it got him into a a lot of trouble. he still try to back out of it. i don't really care about the bluff about the tapes. i always thought it was a bluff. he tries to run his presidency like a reality show. wait for the big reveal. what does bother me about that tweet is his insinuation is that it's entirely possible that members of the deep state or intelligence community or law enforcement are bugging the oval office without his awareness. that's a pretty provocative charge to make and i'm sure he's making it -- if he ever gets pushed back on it, i thought that was a more offensive part. >> that's ridiculous.
3:54 pm
there is nothing but months of leaks from intelligence agencies about people affiliated with the trump campaign. it's not insane to think there might be surveillance, since we have seen so many unmasking. >> surreptitiously recorded without his approval, what evidence is there of that? >> things have already been making to "the new york times" and as if he was some hero of the conversations he had with trump, that tweet got james comey to admit he told trump three times he was not under investigation. and it did get him to also admit that he had fudged his honest loyalty to donald trump which is contrary to what he had said to "new york times" the day before that. >> it also got him a special prosecutor. >> james comey was laying the groundwork. >> that's possible. my point still stands. there is no evidence whatsoever
3:55 pm
that anyone was bucking or wiretapping the oval office or the president of the united states without his awareness. leaking is not bugging. >> john: ab is watching a tennis match here. >> donald trump behaves recklessly. when he tweeted that to begin with, even though it was a " "bluff" or ats, i can't imagine the oval office, talking about june 23 is coming and you will have to come up with an answer on these tapes. obviously there were no tapes but he had to say i don't know. maybe i'm being taped against my will by the evil secret service or the deep state. again, that's irresponsible. if you really thought president obama had surreptitiously while tapped hi him, he needed to do that in private but instead he took it to twitter. a mistake. >> john: in true trump fashion, he has ignited a whole
3:56 pm
new controversy. when we come back, brit hume's greatest hits.
3:57 pm
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♪ >> john: today is the birthday of fox news senior political analyst brit hume, in his honor tonight, we have put together a greatest hits collection. >> a split finger fastball. this will be a split finger law. >> john: there he is back in 2005 at demonstrating his 35-mile per hour fastball down the middle, throwing out the first pitch at a washington nationals game back in 2001. he helped carry the olympic torch through washington ahead of the salt lake city winter games. we all know that former president george h.w. bush likes to skydive for his birthday in 2004, he got to suit up and join him, no word on whether he plans
4:00 pm
to celebrate his own birthday. by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. thanks for watching special report, good night from washington. the story with martha maccallum is up next. >> martha: breaking tonight, nancy pelosi says she is worth the trouble in the face of lost election in fierce opposition in the ranks as the president revels in a win and a road trip, i martha maccallum and here is the story for tonight. the the secret health care plan is out in the open and it's being hotly debated. with regard to the white house tapes, he doesn't have any. last night, he was back in his element doing what he does best, playing to the crowd. out in iowa to watch this. >> everyone gathered in this arena is bound together by common values, you love our country, you obey our laws.